When you make the important decisions in the course of your transaction – such as positioning, timing, process tactics, selection of buyers for due diligence or final negotiations, complex issues with management or co-owners, etc., you will only discuss this in a small discreet circle. So you want to have an advisor at your side who has studied your situation in depth, has sector and broad transaction knowledge from his own experience, and has a feel for people of all kinds. And in doing so, acts in your best interest.

We bring exactly this combination of many years of sector experience, global and diverse transaction experience with the most sophisticated players in the market and an understanding of entrepreneurs and growth companies.
Of course, the client sets the objective for our work. This can range from:

  • Maximizing value in the case of a company sale, to 
  • Achieving the highest synergy potential with the perfect partner in the case of a merger, to
  • Finding the best target for a regional expansion or diversification of the product range in an acquisition.

This is determined by us in the run-up to a transaction – of course always in dialogue with the client – and pursued tenaciously.

In order to find the perfect solution, it is essential not only to have a cursory knowledge of the market and the market players, but to really understand them. For several decades, we have maintained an intensive exchange with the decision makers of this specialized TMT market worldwide. For this reason, we have an unsurpassed level of global TMT experience.

Here are a few of our global references:

Our global network enables you to find the perfect partner and thus achieve your transaction objective. What is important here is not only the breadth of the network, but above all the quality and tone in contact with partners and buyers, which we hit perfectly thanks to our long experience with global large caps.

However, approaching buyers or investors itself represents only a fraction of the added value of a corporate finance advisor. Every company is unique. Qualitative topics such as management, technology and product as well as strategic positioning must be perfectly reflected and supported quantitatively in business plans in order to achieve maximum value. In addition, a realistic assessment of the necessary due diligence and an efficient preparation for it, in order to preserve or even increase the value in the course of a process. This should then be accompanied by an optimal selection of interested parties as well as process design and management in order to generate the maximum competitive pressure.

This is usually a long and costly path that entrepreneurs and founders often underestimate and in which the quality of the consultant becomes apparent. Our experience in all conceivable transaction situations allows us to advise you in the best possible way, to be creative where necessary and to always think one step ahead until the transaction is finalized.

As our references show, this is where our clear quality advantage lies.